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Welcome to Radney Scott Orthodontics Serving Webster & Clear Lake, TX
Efficient Treatments for Superior Smiles!

Radney Scott Orthodontics has a reputation for having the best orthodontists in the area. Drs. Meredith R. Scott and Larry J. Radney are meticulous in their work, and always strive for perfection. Their staff is very professional and friendly, providing a relaxing and upscale orthodontic experience.

Our comprehensive orthodontic services include braces for children and adults, utilizing the latest in self-ligating metal braces that translate into more efficient treatment. We also offer aesthetic porcelain braces and invisible fully customized braces through Harmony and Invisalign®.

Since 1980, our practice has offered the people and families of NASA and the Clear Lake community with state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Our reception room has complimentary Wi–Fi Internet access and a beverage station with hot coffee, teas and cold bottled water available at the front desk.

Our practice is unique because we balance the desired final aesthetics of a patient's smile with attaining a healthy bite, achieving a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. We provide more treatment options to achieve this goal than anyone else in our area. Contact our Webster orthodontic office to schedule your appointment today!

Providing quality orthodontics to NASA, Clear Lake and Webster and all surrounding Texas areas.

Meet Our Doctors

Meredith Scott, DDS, MSD

As a dentist, I get to know many truly unique people, as our area is rich with highly skilled and intelligent individuals. My profession also enables me to cultivate and transform unhappy smiles into glorious smiles and hopefully have a positive influence on their future. Watching the kids develop and grow into teens gives me the opportunity to speak encouragement into their lives, help to instill confidence and responsibility, and create healthy smiles and healthy occlusion to last a lifetime.


Prior to becoming an orthodontist, I attained the following education:

BS degree in Biomedical Science, Texas A&M University at College Station - 1996
DDS, University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston, graduating with honors - 2001
Orthodontic Residency and Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD), Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO - 2004
Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an essential part of being able to provide the best possible treatment outcomes using the most up-to-date techniques. I attend several courses each year presented by either the American Association of Orthodontists, Southwest Society of Orthodontists, graduate departments of Orthodontics at Saint Louis University and the University of Texas. In addition I attend quarterly orthodontic study club meetings with The Water’s Edge Orthodontic Study Club and attend monthly meetings with The Ninth District Dental Society where the latest advancements in dentistry are often presented.

In 2010, after intensive study, case presentations and oral examination, I was honored to receive my Board Certification from the American Board of Orthodontics.

The continuing education that I receive allows me to provide our patients with the latest treatment modalities and advancements in orthodontics. In my continued pursuit of excellence, I seek to provide patients with all appropriate treatment options for their case and the expertise to execute these treatments with comfort and ease.

In the Practice

I love what I do because creating beautiful smiles is tremendously gratifying and interacting with kids of all ages is a thrill. I also get to meet and know some of the most interesting adult patients.

I appreciate the joy my patients bring to the office, watching their smiles and personalities bloom like a flower, and the maturing process and sense of accomplishment they feel after the long process and hard work they contribute.

I joined Larry Radney's practice immediately after graduating orthodontic residency. Dr. Radney continues to pour as much of his knowledge and experience into me as he possibly can. My first 3 years, we planned every patient's case independently of each other, then discussed the case prior to presenting it to the patient or parent. He has a strong tradition of striving for excellence and I plan on continuing that tradition for years to come. He is truly a fabulous mentor and a wonderful man. I am very blessed to continue having him as part of the practice and part of my life.

Family and Community

I grew up in Conroe, and love living in Seabrook. My wonderful husband is Craig Scott, who I married during my first year of dental school. We have a beautiful daughter named Sarah. We also have two ultra–friendly Tonkinese cats at home that act like they are dogs! When I'm not in the practice, I love riding my bike with Sarah in the attached trailer. I also enjoy making beaded and wire jewelry with Sarah. As a way of giving back to this wonderful community, I often give talks to local elementary schools, and give Booster support to patients' extra–curricular activities, resulting in sponsorship to many school sports and dance teams.

Meet Dr. Radney

My profession allows me to make a positive difference in someone else's life each day. For our patients, these differences added up over time can make a beautiful smile bloom. This is what makes me so committed to my profession and to being the best that I can be.


Prior to becoming an orthodontist, I received the following educational certificates:

BA Degree in biology — University of Texas at Austin (1970)
Doctorate in dentistry — Baylor College of Dentistry (1974)
General Practice Residency — San Diego Naval Regional Medical Center (1975)
Post-doctorate master's degree and certificate in orthodontics, Baylor College of Dentistry (1980)
Continuing Education

Continuing education helps me to reach the goal of a beautiful and healthy smile in a shorter period of time and with less discomfort for the patient. Orthodontics is improving each day, to provide better and faster treatment for the patient. Staying up to date with current scientific research and clinical studies allows me to provide the best possible diagnosis and solutions for the orthodontic challenges I see each day.

For the past 30 years, I have been very involved with continuing education through courses given by the American Association of Orthodontists, Southwest Society of Orthodontists, graduate departments of Orthodontics at the University of Texas and Baylor and extensive clinical study with the Bayou City Orthodontic Study Club along with the Texas Orthodontic Study Club.

In 1989, after intensive study and examination, I was honored to receive Board Certification from the American Board of Orthodontics. I have recently completed a Voluntary Recertification process to further my education and improve my skills as an orthodontist. Continuing education is a huge part of my obligation to be the best that I can be for my patients!

Professional Experience

For the past 30 years, I have loved practicing orthodontics because it allows me to get to know our patients as people, and not just as a set of teeth. Making our patients feel that they are special and important in this world is a wonderful experience. Over the years of treating thousands of patients, it has been especially rewarding to treat the children of former patients.

I especially enjoy using the years of clinical experience that I have to create detailed individualized treatment plans for each and every patient and carrying those plans out with precision. This allows us to provide the best possible smile for that individual patient.

I truly enjoy getting to see the transformation in our patients' self–confidence and personality after going through orthodontic therapy. A corrected bite and a beautiful new smile can make such a positive impact on our patients' lives and their sense of self worth! They seem to become radiant with confidence and joy!

Family and Community

I am originally from Houston, and have lived in Clear Lake for the past 30 years. I am married to my beautiful wife, Linda Lou Radney. We have two children. Erin is a high school honors chemistry teacher and Travis is a commercial pilot. At home, our two dogs, Darla and Millie, keep us company. My hobbies include fishing, reading, traveling, music and family activities.

I am active in our community as a member of the Seabrook United Methodist Church, a rebuilding chairman of the Seabrook Senior Citizens Center, a Webelos scout leader and the president of the Baylor Orthodontic Alumni Association.

Meet Our Staff

I am originally from the north side of Houston and have been in dentistry since 1999. I joined the Radney Scott Orthodontics family in 2009 as the Marketing Coordinator. However, on Mondays you may see me in the back as I am cross-trained as a registered dental assistant and enjoy working closely with patients. It's fun to hear the excitement in their lives! I am always willing to assist you with any questions you may have.

I began my career as an orthodontic assistant in 1997 - San Antonio, Texas. Throughout, my travels around the world with my kids and husband in the military, I have had many chances to explore the diversity of orthodontics. Although no longer traveling, I am very happy to be a part of the Radney Scott Orthodontics family since 2008. My favorite part of my job, has always been conversing with patients and making them feel comfortable throughout their orthodontic experience.

I've been in the dental field since 1995, beginning in general dentistry and later transitioning to orthodontics. I joined the family at Radney Scott Orthodontics in 2005 as a registered dental assistant and advanced to Office Coordinator. I will help schedule your appointments conveniently and answer any questions you may have. I love to helping the patients and parents feel at ease and hope to make your experience at our office great!

I entered the dental field as a Certified Chairside Assistant in 1976. In 1993 I moved to Texas with my family and entered the orthodontic field. I have been working with the Radney Scott Orthodontics family since October of 1997, as a Registered Dental Assistant. Seeing the smiling faces at the completion of treatment has been one of the best rewards of my career.

I've been in dentistry since 1979 and have been with the Radney Scott Orthodontics family 15 years. I began as an registered dental assistant and advanced to treatment coordinator. I love seeing each patient through the process of getting started in our office. It truly is exciting to see how orthodontics can not only change someone's appearance but help them blossom into a confident young adult. I will handle any questions you might have regarding treatment in our office.

I have been in orthodontics since 2001 and with the Radney Scott Orthodontics family since 2010 as a registered dental assistant. I love my job and I love being able to make people smile and feel confident about themselves. I really enjoy getting to know our patients and their families. The best part of my job is seeing the final results; after all, I do believe a great smile is an important gift and can take you far.

I began my career with Radney Scott Orthodontics in 2011 after graduating from Remington College as a Registered Dental Assistant. What I enjoy most about my job is seeing the beautiful smiles revealed at the end of patients' treatment. Being a part of building patients' confidence and making a positive change in their lives is very satisfying.

I started working part-time at Radney Scott Orthodontics in 2012 while finishing my Associates Degree. What I enjoy most about being an orthodontic assistant, is seeing the transformation from start to finish. I love seeing their faces light up when they get their braces off and gain a while new self-confidence. It is a very rewarding job and I’m lucky to be a part of such a great team.